Extintor PYROFF LIGHT 1,6 Automatico y Manual

-15% Extintor PYROFF LIGHT 1,6 Automatico y Manual
PYRoff Light 1.6 is a revolutionary new way to effectively combat the fire. Lightweight, small dimensions, easy
to use and non-toxic. Since the system is activated by itself, the product is particularly suitable for containing
immidiatly outbreaks formed in unattended environments. Automatically goes into action upon contact with an
open flame and extinguished in a few seconds the outbreak of fire in automatic mode (Art. 12.13245) or manually
using a button piezoelectric controlled remotely with an electric cable mt. 5 included, extendable to 50 meters ..
The plastic container is filled with a liquid extinguishing agent and an activating substance, which has secured a
fuse rapid. As soon as the fuse comes into contact with the flame free the container breaks, consequently for a
moment is removed all the oxygen present in the outbreak and around it which causes the immediate shutdown
of the fire. Suitable for fighting fires:
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